Our tailored approach perfectly balances quality, performance and satisfaction with time, cost and convenience.
Our tailored, proven process perfectly balances quality, performance and satisfaction with time, cost and convenience.

The WisePress process

Our proven process optimises your time and ours, keeping costs low while delivering a high quality, high performance, easily maintainable website. It’s all about balance.

Built on WordPress

No lock-ins, no catches – your site is yours

Beautiful designs in a fraction of the time

Server maintenance all handled for you

WisePress at a glance

These are the key steps in our process. They eliminate analysis paralysis and avoid getting stuck in the discovery phase, efficiently focussing on the crucial stages of web development.


Your chance to see if we're right for you, with a free initial consulation, overview of our process and requirements gathering. AKA "The talky bit."


The arty bit. We exclusively use premium themes with advanced features and cutting edge designs to realise your vision. This approach saves months of design work and thousands of pounds, yet provides the best of both worlds - a unique design, tailored to your brand, delivered in a fraction of the time. We draw on twenty years of analysis expertise to present you with a range of viable themes to choose from that meet your needs.


The techy bit. We register, transfer or configure your domain name(s), create your ligtening fast server hosting, set up your Google Workspace account for email, analytics, maps and more, install WordPress and all associated plugins for security, privacy and ease-of-use, configure and schedule backups, and install your chosen theme.


The buildy bit. We completely customise the theme with your logo, branding, photography and copy. We create the pages, portfolio, blog, contact forms and any other features you've requested. If you've chosen an e-commerce site, we set up your shop, add your products, pricing, payment povider and everything you require to start selling.


The showy bit. We ensure you are completely happy with the site we've built for you. Though the WisePress process is shown here as linear, both the Development and Demonstration (Testing) phases are more interative in reality and require the most liaison between us. This stage includes full testing and user acceptance.


The launchy bit. When you're ready, we launch your website into the stratosphere for the world to see.


The doesn't-begin-with-D-but-has-a-D-in-it bit. In an effort to make Documentation sound more interesting, this is the point at which we provide you with all the information regarding your website, domain, hosting, email and analytics. We said no lock-ins and we meant it - you can take on and run the website yourself, hand it to your in-house team or even go with another supplier. Whichever path you choose, launching your website is only the beginning. There is customer feedback to act on and analytics to monitor, search rankings to improve, blogs to write, new ideas to realise. Should you choose to keep us with you on your journey, check out our dedicated support packages.

Frequently asked questions

Like what you’ve seen so far? Here are some common questions people have next.

A brochure site typically takes two weeks, an e-commerce site around a month. Timelines can vary depending on the type of project and business, and factors such as the number of pages, amount of products and how many revisions are needed, which is why our packages are fixed-price – for your peace of mind.

WordPress is indeed free, and there are many other free or cheap DIY solutions out there. We’d encourage anyone interested in web design to go down that route. What you pay us for is our time, expertise and experience.


We use WordPress because it’s the best balance of reuse and flexibility, saving huge amounts of time and so cost, but we are experienced .NET and PHP developers, familiar with agile processes and building bespoke systems from the ground up. So, while it’s considered a last resort in the WisePress process, we can customise your site’s styles (CSS) and even its code (PHP) should that be required.

No. To see what’s included, please check out our packages and pricing.