They say you'll only lose your data once

Losing your website, all the hours, love, sweat and tears that went into it, is indeed a terrifying prospect. At Wise Technology, our WisePress approach includes a multitiered redundant backup system as standard, to ensure our clients’ data is safe and secure. Whether you have your site with us or not, we wanted to share some of the best and most reliable tools we’ve found to make backing up and, crucially, restoring your WordPress site a breeze.

They say you’ll only lose your data once, becuase the experience can be so bad, you’ll never forget it and will always ensure you have a backup in place for ever more. We hope this article reaches you before that ever happens! If you have a WordPress site and are not backing it up, we couldn’t recommend WPVivid’s Backup & Migration plugin more highly.

Backup plugin's backup dashboard

We’ve used WPVivid to backup hundreds of WordPress websites. Even on the free tier regular, overnight runs can be scheduled and, if there’s ever been an issue with a WordPress or plugin update or conflict, restoring the entire site from a backup is quick, painless and reliable. That’s the best thing about WPVivid, reliability – it will backup and restore your site’s database, media, theme and files without errors or issues. And, of course, the more frequent your backup schedule, the less likely you are to lose any content.


You can also backup locally, to your website’s server or web hosting, or to remote storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox or a remote location, for extra security and peace of mind.


And whether you ever need to restore your site becuase of a problem or not, WPVivid is also our tool of choice for website migration. If you ever need to move to another hosting provider or server, we’ve not found a more reliable tool.

Backup plugin's options

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

It might sound like we’re affiliated with WPVivid (we’re honestly not!) but when it comes to backups, you should always have more than one – “redundancy” is the technical term – ideally in different locations.


So we recommend using WPVivid or a similar plugin for convenient, easy-to-access backing up and restoring, but should you not be able to access your WordPress dashboard at all, or your entire site is gone, you’ll need a back up provided through your hosting provider or server.


Wise Technology provides all our customers with regular, server-side backups as standard. We can’t share too many details here for security reasons, but we would urge you to check what backup solutions any potential web hoster provides, and whether there are any hidden storage costs, when shopping around.